In Loving Memory of Adele Marie Bradley  


Our Mission

To honor Adele Marie Bradley by donating to causes that embody the kindness and caring she personified during her life.  The foundation primarily aims to help the community by giving back to families and children, especially those affected by addition, violence and homelessness.  To maximize our impact, we collaborate with other non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations.


                   Adele Marie Bradley 1988 - 2016

Adele Marie Bradley left an impact on many people during her 27 years, and no one more than her family.  From a very young age Adele always had an eye for fashion, and styled herself and everyone around her, perfecting even the smallest details. She was determined and headstrong when it came to things she believed in, and believed in quality over quantity with all things. She could be described as an "old soul" by her reserved presence and her knowing smile.  Her interests led her to a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Florida State University.  She thrived in her career and loved to design displays and models for photographs. Our goal is to make a difference to the causes that were important to Adele, all while keeping a touch of her chic sophistication and her attention to details.  

"Everyday was a fashion show, and the world was her runway"